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Ronald C. Hungarter, President of Ron Hungarter Associates, Inc. has been performing paid residential and commercial real estate inspections since the late 1970's, generally within northeastern and central Pennsylvania, USA. Both Pre-Listing and Pre-Purchase real estate inspection services are provided, along with expert witness services. (Note: Inspections have been performed in Doylestown, Erie, New Hope, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Waynesboro, West Chester and elsewhere in PA; CT; Boston, MA; Plymouth, MA; NJ; Upstate NY; NYC; etc.) Ron's Final Report is now digital, since paper has becoming obsolete. A CD or DVD is provided to our clients, containing a pdf copy of their report and all interior and exterior photographs shot in high resolution, creating a record of the property at the time of purchase. A PDF copy of the final report, complete with embedded color photographs is e-mailed to the client, realtor and anyone the client requests a copy be sent within 24 hours of the inspection, with many sent the same day. The prose written report is in simple-to-understand language, layman's language so that everyone involved understands the property's conditions being inspected. After over 37 years of service, Ron Hungarter Associates, Inc. has an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Index of Items Covered During a Structural Inspection:

1) Structure
2) Roofing & Ventilation
3) Siding
4) Gutters
5) Chimney
6) Perimeter Drainage
7) Steps, Porches, Decks

8) Doors
9) Windows
10) Foundation
11) Garage
12) Electrical
13) Water Heater
14) Heating/Air Conditioning

15) Plumbing
16) Kitchen
17) Floors
18) Walls
19) Ceilings
20) Attic/Roof/Insulation

Note: Wood Boring Insect Infestation (Termite) Inspections, Well Water Testing and Radon Gas Testing are also performed as part of our service for additional professional fees, upon request.

Expert witness testimony has been rendered on faulty construction and real estate cases since 1987. Recently Ron testified in Carbon County Courthouse, Court of Common Pleas, Jim Thorpe involving the shingle manufacturer, the shingle supplier and the roofer regarding a failed, 75 square residential roof in White Haven.

Ron is a published author (See above links to published articles) and has been a licensed contractor. However, he has not been active in contracting since 1995 after founding THOR® Systems, Inc. "The Helper Of Roofers". The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued Patent No. 6,511,741 in 2003 for the THOR® Roofing Layout Tapes. The Tapes and his Double Chalkers are the centerfold item of CertainTeed Corporation's 2003 Business Resources Catalog. Additional THOR® layout tapes have been developed for metal roofing. For more information on Ron's tool inventions, visit THOR Roofing Tools.

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